~ Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring ~

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a polyurethane product that can imitate a stunning array of wood plank and stone visuals which are reusable and replaceable.

Waterproof, vinyl tiles can mimic the look of hardwood or stone. Their durability and easy maintenance makes luxury vinyl suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Supplier List


We are excited to announce the long awaited arrival of STIX ‘N’ STONES. The next generation of the ultra successful STIX Original brand. STIX ‘N’ STONES utilizes the same patented installation system while offering stunning stone and tile visuals. STIX ‘N’ STONES is ideal for areas prone to moisture such as kitchens/ breakrooms, bathrooms, and basements. The scratch resistant Ceramic Bead finish mimics the durability of traditional tile while being warm and quiet under foot.

Supplier Species Grades Sizes Textures Finishes Platforms
Stix n Stones 12” x 24” or 7.25” x 48” – Thickness: (3mm) Replicates Wood or Stone Ceramic Bead Polyurethane

The durability of Vinyl meets the comfort of cork​. An exclusive flooring line that combines Vinyl and Cork. This innovative product is the perfect solution for commercial and residential applications. The cork component of this unique product makes it soft, comfortable and warm. The Vinyl layer makes this product extremely resilient, easy to maintain, and water resistant.

Supplier Species Grades Sizes Textures Finishes Platforms
Europlex International 46in x 7.64in, 48in x 7.64in Urethane