~ Stair Cladding ~

Treads: Treads are available in a variety of styles. Usually 1” thick solid slabs, they can also be ordered with bowed or curved nosings, or heavy, thicker bullnoses for a more solid effect, and to conceal drywall defects at the sides of the staircase. Inlays and rope lighting can be incorporated into the treads for a custom effect.

Winders: Winders are wedge-shaped treads for curved or winding staircases, matched to templates made on site. They are available with all the custom features of straight treads.

Fullwraps: Fullwraps are designed to surround the construction treads of an open staircase (no risers). The top, front and back faces are made from solid wood, with the underside in a matching veneer.    

Non-Slip: All stair treads can receive a nonslip treatment, with one or more strips of silicate granules incorporated directly into the finish along the length of the tread. This is a nearly invisible permanent application, with none of the drawbacks of non-skid tape.