Hardwood Stairs

Hardwood stairs make a great first impression. Whether building a new modern staircase or cladding your old one, new hardwood stairs will have a positive impact on the look and feel of your home. There are tread and cladding options to consider when putting hardwood on your stairs. View some examples below or check out our portfolio.  

Wood Stair Cladding

We can use your existing stairs and clad them with a combination of wood treads, nosings, wood veneers or painted mdf for stringers and risers, and solid wood capping. If you have existing wood floors, we can find wood treads and veneers to match. Check out the images below for examples of different cladding options. Replace your carpeted stairs with wood stairs and create a huge transformation without installing a new staircase!

Hardwood Stair Treads & Nosings

Wood stair treads are usually 1in thick solid slab treads that can be ordered with square or rounded bullnoses. We also provide you with options to add bowed or curved nosings, or heavy thicker bullnoses for of a more solid effect and to possibly conceal drywall defects at the sides of the staircase. Inlays or rope lighting can be incorporated into the stair treads for a custom effect.

Types of hardwood stair treads:

Winders: Winders are wedge-shaped treads for curved or winding staircases matched to templates made on site. They are available with all the custom features of straight treads such as bowed or heavy nosings.

Open Riser Treads: Touchwood Flooring clads a lot of existing open riser treads that were previously carpeted. We use a 3 sided full wrap solid tread (front, top and back) with a veneer bottom. We are able to match species, texture, color and gloss of any flooring that may meet up to the stairs. Check out our gallery of pictures.

Slab Treads: Slab treads are a minimum of 2in thick mounted generally from the bottom onto a metal or wood stringer. This too has the look of an open riser staircase.

Waterfall Treads: Waterfall treads have become increasingly popular. Providing depth of tread is 11in, Touchwood can make solid treads that have eliminated the traditional stair nosing. The final look of these treads has a waterfall effect. Very modern and very clean. We are able to match species, texture, color and gloss of any flooring that may meet up to the stairs.  

Non-Slip Hardwood Stairs

A popular option for hardwood stairs is to get a nonslip treatment. This is done with one or more strips of Silicate granules incorporated directly into the finish along the length of the stair tread. This is a nearly invisible permanent application, with none of the drawbacks of non-slip tape.