Hardwood Flooring in Edmonton

We carefully select and carry hardwood flooring that will perform best in Alberta’s climate. At Touchwood in Edmonton, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with top-quality hardwood with superior milling, finishes and warranties to ensure the utmost satisfaction.

Choosing Your Hardwood Floors

Flooring can transform the look of a room, the key is picking the best hardwood floor for your design aesthetic and use.

  • Solid Hardwood – the hardwood is the entire thickness of the board. Learn the pros and cons, such as not using it in basements.
  • Engineered Hardwood – there is a hardwood layer on top of an engineered platform. This allows for more options such as wider planks and textures.


Beautiful Hakwood hardwood floor in 9.5" wide planks.

A hardwood floor engineered with 9.5″ wide planks and texture.

Hardwood Flooring Options

In addition to width, length and texture, there are other options to consider when selecting your hardwood floor.

  • Oiled or fumed hardwood floors are beautiful and help hide scratches.
  • Consider parquet flooring, such as a stunning herringbone or chevron pattern, for impact.
  • Custom wood accessories from mosaics to flush-mounted vents and nosings finish your floors.
  • Hardwood stairs make their own design statement.


Heritage Hakwood hardwood floors in hallway.

Heritage Hakwood hardwood floors with custom wood plank stairs to match.

Our Hardwood Floor Suppliers

Touchwood Flooring carries product lines from trusted brands like Hakwood, Vintage, Preverco and Mirage Hardwood Flooring, the number one hardwood flooring brand in North America. We choose our suppliers based on their excellence in quality, durability and beautiful hardwood floors.
Drop by, or schedule an appointment with, our Edmonton showroom to view the different flooring collections available from Hakwood, Mirage and other suppliers.

Types of Hardwood Flooring We Carry:

Most of our hardwood species can come as either a solid or engineered floor with other considerations such as the width of planks, thickness, and texture. Select from unfinished or pre-finished hardwood in many species such as White Oak, Red Oak, Birch, Ash, Hickory, Walnut, Maple and more.

Oak – We offer North American Red Oak and White Oak, and European White Oak hardwood flooring. They have similar grains, however, the coloration will vary. European White Oak floors can be fumed where the tannins of the wood naturally darken.

Hickory – Hickory hardwood flooring is 40% harder than Red Oak, has a softer grain similar to Walnut, and comes with lots of color variation.

Walnut– North American Black Walnut is popular because of its desirable deep brown tones and creamy sapwood. Walnut is around 25% softer than Red Oak and not ideal for a busy home or heavy dogs. A hand-scraped or brushed Walnut floor helps camouflage some wear.

Maple – Maple is a very light-colored hardwood and is softly grained. It is a popular choice for clients looking for clean lines and a subtle floor. Vintage Hardwood’s engineered floor called Etched does a linear wire brushing that helps to hide wear.

Birch – Yellow Birch is a popular choice for clients that want some grain, but not a heavy grain in their hardwood flooring. This is a unique flooring that has a holographic appearance on some of its boards. Birch is slightly softer than Red Oak and can be a great choice.

Sapele – Known as African Mahogany, Sapele is 16% harder than Red Oak. Sapele floors often have a ribboned grain and a traditional flat sawn grain that is soft and subtle. It is a unique-looking hardwood commonly sold in its natural rich browns and burgundies but available in a variety of colors that look great with the ribboned grain.

Ash – White Ash is a durable wood that is 2% harder than Red Oak but much more stable and has a grain that’s slightly more elongated. Its light-yellow sunny tones look great in Natural however Ash hardwood floors also come in a variety of stains. Hakwood Flooring has a beautiful fumed Ash called Blaze that is a unique rich golden colour.

Visit our Edmonton showroom to view our selection and discuss the pros and cons with knowledgeable staff, or book a free consult!

A renovated main floor installed a white oak hardwood floor with 7 inch wide planks.

Wide Plank Flooring
Suppliers: 1
A herringbone pattern using Hakwood white oak floors in a look called Promise..

Parquet Flooring
Suppliers: 1
A Sapele hardwood floor adds a beautiful warmth to the main floor of this 2019 Full House Lottery Home by Kondro.

Hardwood Flooring
Suppliers: 0

Solid Hardwood
Suppliers: 5
A renovated great room looks stunning with a fumed White Oak engineered hardwood floor.

Engineered Hardwood
Suppliers: 9

Oiled Hardwood
Suppliers: 2

Fumed or Smoked Floors
Suppliers: 2

Hardwood Stairs
Suppliers: 1