Parquet Flooring

Much to our glee, parquet flooring is going through a revival. It was big in the ’60s, again in the ’80s, and once again parquet flooring is making a comeback! Now the style is modernized using many other hardwoods, stains, and patterns. Gone are the days of bright orange-stained oak parquet tiles.


What is Parquet Hardwood?

Parquetry is essentially the mosaic tile of hardwood flooring. It is when solid hardwood flooring is arranged in geometric patterns. These geometric floor patterns can be laid throughout a room or placed throughout a more traditionally laid floor to add a bit of fun and visual interest. If done correctly, parquet flooring can be a timeless piece of art.


Herringbone and Chevron Flooring

Herringbone and Chevron patterns are considered to be a type of parquet and are very popular today. Chevron and Herringbone are often confused as they can both be installed in a ‘v’ pattern. Chevron hardwood floor installation has angled mitered cuts to ensure the wood floor lines up in a perfect V pattern. Herringbone can be laid in a traditional ‘v’ pattern however as the wood is manufactured in exact sizes all sorts of patterns can be created, using different colours, species, board widths and board lengths. Below are examples from Hakwood flooring to demonstrate the different patterns.


Is Parquet Flooring Solid Hardwood?

For your patterned floors, you can choose from solid or engineered wood floors in a variety of different hardwood species and stains. We can use maple, red oak or white oak, a whitewash or grey stain, and create something truly unique for your floors. There is not a certain type of hardwood that will work best for your parquet flooring. If you want a Chevron floor in white oak, no problem! See below for some inspiration on how you can mix and match your flooring to create a more unique pattern!


Installation of Parquet Hardwood Floors

It takes more time to install these stunning floors, therefore labour costs do increase. It typically takes about 30-50% more time to install a parquet floor. The more intricate pattern, the longer installation can take. Since the cost of labour increases with the time of installation, installation costs tend to increase by approximately 30 to 50%. We think it is well worth it though! We always recommend having experienced installers, but it’s particularly important for the installation of a pattern like Herringbone or Chevron. Imagine a Chevron patterned floor without the center line perfectly straight.   

Save on costs but still create an impact. Rather than doing an entire floor in parquet, choose a border or smaller key area (like your foyer). We will work with you and/or your designer to come up with a solution that works for your home or business.


Refinish Your Old Parquet Floors

Do you have old parquet hardwood? We can refinish and modernize your parquet floors – they don’t need to be stuck in the past. Refinishing your parquet floors can have a huge impact and we have very successfully updated homes by doing so. Update the old hardwood tiles with a modern color or an oil finish to give it a custom look. Old parquets can usually be refinished multiple times as they were always made in solid wood. 

Talk to our team and explore the design possibilities for your new hardwood floor.