~ Prefinished or Urethane Finished Flooring ~

Touchwood Flooring has all the maintenance products you need; from mops and spray cleaners, to concentrates and felt tacs.


The key to the lasting beauty of your flooring investment lies in proper maintenance. We recommend the following for prefinished and urethane finished flooring.

  • Never walk on a floor that has dirt and grit. Sweep, vacuum or use a slightly damp mop daily – or as often as necessary – to keep the surface clean.


  • Never use a steam mop, soap (including oil-based soaps), steel wood or alkaline cleaning agents on your floors.


  • Use felt and castor protectors under furniture. Do not drag furniture. Place it carefully in the room.


  • Use entry mats to trap dirt, sand and abrasives.
  • Avoid discoloration under area rugs by not using them until the tannins in the wood have had time to react to sunlight (approximately six months).


  • Keep high heels in good repair so they don’t puncture or scuff your flooring.


  • Use guides and guards under your appliances. Note that refrigerators with large rollers can cause permanent damage to your floor.
  • The homeowner is responsible to maintain relative humidity between 35% – 45%. Failure to do so may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Use a humidifier.
    • In Alberta we have humid summers and dry, cold winters making it difficult to keep the humidity consistent through out the year. Keep the humidity as high as you can in the winter, without causing condensation on your windows.
    • Following a cold snap, turn your humidifier up again.
    • Expect to have some gapping between the boards if your humidity goes down in the winter. This will self-correct in the spring when the humidity rises, or if you use air conditioning.

Learn more wood care tips on the National Wood Flooring Association’s website.

Hardwood floors are exposed to natural wear and tear. Some surface markings are unavoidable. Sanding and resealing returns floors to their newly-installed state. Contact us about our resealing services.